Why Turn To Teeth Whitening Kits At The Dental Office?

Posted on: 23 September 2021

Your smile is more important than you may realize. While it may just seem like something you do when you are happy, there are many great things your smile does for you. It helps you to connect with those around you, and it lets them know your mood. Your smile is an important tool when it comes to expressing your pleasure regarding a situation. Your smile can also be very important for your profession.
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How Does Root Canal Treatment Benefit Your Teeth?

Posted on: 16 August 2021

Root canal treatment sounds painful, but it usually isn't. In fact, root canal treatment is far more beneficial than it is painful. When oral bacteria infect teeth, the infection can quickly spread without dental treatment. And the best way to treat a tooth infection is with root canal treatment. Root canal treatment is beneficial to infected teeth in several different ways: Root canal treatment stops infection from spreading Once infection sets in, without treatment, that infection can quickly worsen.
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Do You Need Dental Implants? 3 Indicators You Are The Right Candidate For Implants

Posted on: 30 June 2021

Dental implants are embedded inside your jawbone to restore your missing teeth. Dental implants provide a relatively permanent solution to teeth loss and have significantly improved the dental care industry. Thanks to implants, many people with lost teeth can now smile and speak confidently in public settings. But who needs this tooth replacement option? The following are three signs you are the right candidate for this treatment.    1. You Have Missing Tooth
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Invisalign: It's About More Than Good Looks

Posted on: 24 May 2021

Invisalign is often touted as the most aesthetically pleasing tooth straightening option. And this does tend to be true. The nearly invisible straightening trays are definitely more attractive and less intrusive than metal or even clear braces. But it would be incomplete to suggest that looks are the only benefit of Invisalign. Here are a few other reasons this straightening option is so often preferred over braces. You can keep your teeth cleaner.
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